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【出口管制】美国出口管制条例介绍以及下载【ECC】Introduction to EAR and Export Administration Regulation Downloadable Files(From BIS website)



【COMPLIANCE · EXPORT CONTROL】Introduction to EAR and Export Administration Regulation Downloadable Files(From BIS website)


In order to let ZTE Partners better understand the EAR,and help accelerating the ZTE compliance program construction. We offer document of Introduction to EAR and Export Administration Regulation Downloadable Files (From BIS website)to all partners of ZTE,which is excerpted from BIS website on 2018.12.05.









1、美国出口管制条例存在实时更新的情况,最新版本请点击这里。Please Note:EAR is constantly updated by BIS,please logo on BIS website for latest version. CLICK HERH

2、如需了解ECC信息维护要求,请查看。For more Information on ECC Information maintenance requirement,Please refer to 【合规·出口管制】美国出口管制信息管理要求 【COMPLIANCE · EXPORT CONTROL】General Requirements for U.S. Export Control Compliance information



Article From BIS


Export Administration Regulation Downloadable Files

These are the unofficial electronic EAR files created by BIS. The legally official text of the EAR is provided via the Federal Register publications. Incorporation of revisions pursuant to Federal Register regulatory publications are completed by BIS within 72 hours to the best of our abilities. While we strive for perfection, we do make mistakes from time to time. You may email any errors that you find to


If formatting/editorial changes have been made to a file, the modified date will reflect that the file has been updated, but the footer date will only be changed when a regulatory change has been made to the file.


Title Date Last Modified



Table of Contents for the EAR                

Commerce Control List Index                

CCL Categories 0-9                

Category 0 - Nuclear Materials Facilities & Equipment [and Miscellaneous Items]                

Category 1 - Materials Chemicals Microorganisms and Toxins                

Category 2 - Materials Processing                

Category 3 - Electronics Design Development and Production                

Category 4 - Computers                

Category 5 Part 1 - Telecommunications                

Category 5 Part 2 - Information Security                

Category 6 - Sensors and Lasers                

Category 7 - Navigation and Avionics                

Category 8 - Marine                

Category 9 - Aerospace and Propulsion                

Legal Authority for the Export Administration Regulations                

Part 730 - General Information                

Part 732 - Steps for Using the EAR                

Part 734 - Scope of the Export Administration Regulations                

Part 736 - General Prohibitions                

Part 738 - Commerce Control List Overview and the Country Chart                

Supplement No. 1 to Part 738 - Commerce Country Chart                

Part 740 - License Exceptions                

Supplement No. 1 to Part 740 - Country Groups                

Part 742 - Control Policy -- CCL Based Controls                

Part 743 - Special Reporting Requirements                

Part 744 - Control Policy: End-User and End-Use Based                

Supplement No. 4 to Part 744 - Entity List                

Part 745 - Chemical Weapons Convention Requirements                

Part 746 - Embargoes and Other Special Controls                

Part 747 - [RESERVED]                

Part 748 - Application Classification Advisory and License                

Supplement No. 7 to Part 748 - VEU List                

Part 750 - Application Processing Issuance and/or Denial                

Part 752 - [RESERVED]                

Part 754 - Short Supply Controls                

Part 756 - Appeals                

Part 758 - Export Clearance Requirements                

Part 760 - Restrictive Trade Practices or Boycotts                

Part 762 - Recordkeeping                

Part 764 - Enforcement and Protective Measures                

Part 766 - Administrative Enforcement Proceedings                

Part 768 - Foreign Availability Determination Procedures and Criteria                

Part 770 - Interpretations                

Part 772 - Definitions of Terms                

Part 774 - The Commerce Control List                





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