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供应商年度ECCN分类信息确认指引 Annual Notification for ECCN Classification Confirmation to All ZTE Suppliers

To comply in all respects with international import/export compliance regulations of all countries / regions where ZTE conducts business, ZTE requests suppliers to provide import/export control-related information for all items (commodities, software or technology) that your company sells, provides, exports, reexports, or transfers (in-country) to ZTE.  The required information includes, but is not limited to, the jurisdiction and classification (e.g., Export Classification Control Number (ECCN)), applicable export authorization (e.g., license exception, license number, etc.) of the item(s) under applicable Global Import/Export Control Rules and Regulations, including but not limit to, the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR), Hong Kong Strategic Commodity Control (SCC),Singapore Strategic Goods Control Regulations (SGCR) and UK Strategic Export Control (SEC) .

As an annual procedure, we require all ZTE suppliers should check their items import/export control compliance information through ZTE SCC website. If any of your items import/export control compliance information or supporting documentation is not consistent with the current situation, you may correct them in the SCC website or report to TQE/MTM.


STEP1: Check into SCC system and get all your items import/export control compliance information, system path: SCC>Supplier Management>Product Information Management > Product Information Query


STEP2: Please follow the Q1-Q3 to confirm the items current import/export control compliance information and determine whether the item information in the SCC system should be updated. Please confirm the following information with the original manufacturer. 请按照Q1-Q3确认产品当前进出口合规信息并确认您的产品信息是否需要更新。请与原厂确认信息。
Q1. Please  identify whether the item(s) (i.e., commodities, software or technology) to be provided to ZTE are subject to 请确认贵司所提供的物料(商品、软件或者技术),是否受到以下法律法规管制
1)* U.S. EAR 美国出口管制(15 C.F.R. §§ 730-774) (For all suppliers, You must confirm Y/N 全部供应商需要确认是或否 )
2)* HK SCC 香港战略物资 (For all suppliers located outside of mainland China, You must confirm Y/N 全部境外供应商需要确认是或否)
3)UK SEC英联邦战略物资管控 
4)SG SGCR新加坡战略货物管控
5)Others 其他(please supplement请补充, e.g FR, TW,JP, and etc) ____________________
Q2. Provide ECCN and supporting documentation, if applicable, for items which are subject to any of the Global Import/Export Control Rules and Regulations identified in Q1, above.  (Skip Q2 and Q3 if not subject to any Global Import/Export Control Rules and Regulations.). 若确认产品受到以上任何法律法规管制,请提供分类号码以及支撑文档。(确认不受管辖可跳过Q2与Q3)
1)*US EAR: US ECCN, Export Authorization, License Exception, License, CCATS(美国出口管制,US ECCN,出口授权,许可例外,CCATS)
2)*HK SCC: HK ECCN, License (香港战略物资管控,香港ECCN,许可)
3)Others: ECCN, License (其他)
Q3. Complete Appendix 1 for any items which are subject to any Global Import/Export Control Rules and Regulations and provide all applicable information. In additional if the item(s) require a specific import/export license, the suppliers must provide ZTE with a copy of all license conditions at least 14 days in advance of the shipment of items under the license. 供应商确认,如果向中兴提供的任何物品受到任何全球进出口管制,需要在附录1提供全部适用信息。并且,若是物品要求一个特别的进出口许可证,供应商在装运所述物品之前至少14天向中兴提供所有许可证条件的副本。


Please notice that, the Respondent who must be a duly authorized representative of your company.  By responding to this request, you certify that (i) the information provided in Appendix 1 is true and correct to the best of your company's knowledge; (ii) your company shall promptly send a replacement email or statement to ZTE disclosing any material change of facts or intentions that occur after the former reply is executed and forwarded to ZTE; and (iii) you are not providing and will not provide to ZTE any items or services subject to the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (“ITAR”).  请注意,回复者必须是贵公司的合法授权代表。当回复本信息时,回复者必须保证 1) 您的所回复是基于您公司的最大知情权,2)若您公司的产品的事实信息发生变更或者即将变更或者计划变更,请您及时与中兴通讯发布替换声明,用以替代此前回复于中兴通讯的信息,3)贵公司不会也不能向中兴通讯提供任何受U.S. ITAR管制物料或者服务。
Please confirm the item Import/Export Control information and reply our email with this origin content. The confirmation Email will be saved in ZTE procurement system(s). It is important that you should treat it seriously, truthfully, honestly, and reply to ZTE as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding, cooperation and support.请您确认物料进出口管制信息,且在原始邮件的基础上回复确认信息。确认的邮件将作为证据存储在我司采购系统。当您接受以及回复这封邮件的时候,请您认真、诚实、诚信、严肃对待,并且尽快回复我们。感谢您的配合与支持。

Appendix 1 附录一

Suppliers may refer to the following websites for the core elements and guidance note on internal import/export  compliance programme.供应商可以参考以下进出口管制内部计划。


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