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Requirements for Ensuring the Accuracy of Import Material Customs Declaration Information

To all partners,
ZTE is committed to building an industry-class compliance system. Customs compliance is an important part of our compliance system. In 2017, ZTE passed the AEO certification.
Providing accurate customs declaration information is a basic requirement of ZTE Customs compliance. Inaccurate information will lead to customs deduction, fine and joint criminal liability. To this end, all partners shall do the following:
1. When making the delivery note, ensure that the information entered is accurate and true, including but not limited to the place of origin, net weight, and production date. In addition, check the brand, specifications, and models. If there is any inconsistency between the delivery note and the material objects, contact ZTE purchase personnel to discuss the solution.
2. The original label information must include the correct brand, origin, and complete specifications and models. Once it is found that the origin, brand, and specifications are inconsistent in the delivery note and original factory label, contact ZTE purchase personnel to discuss the solution.
3. When ZTE applies for a new material code, the correct and complete specifications and models must be provided at the source. If there is any change in the process, the PCN change ticket must be submitted to ensure that each shipment of physical materials is completely consistent with the model information in the ZTE system.
From January 1, 2020, ZTE will make more efforts in incoming material inspection. If there is any inconsistency between the material object and the contract information, ZTE will resolutely reject the inspection. The corresponding penalty will be imposed on the delivery impact depending on the severity.
ZTE shall have the right to pursue the corresponding legal responsibility for the violation of customs compliance laws due to suppliers.
From now on, all partners shall carry out internal publicity and requirements, and let us do better in compliance. Thank you!



ZTE Purchasing Dept.

December 31, 2019

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