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3 提供礼品卡、银行卡、加油卡、有价证券、会员卡、电话卡、旅行支票等现金等价物;



中兴通讯已建立反商业贿赂申报系统(申报路径为: - 投诉与反馈 - 反商业贿赂申报系统)。如合作伙伴对中兴通讯任何人员有任何行贿行为,或发现中兴通讯人员对贵司有任何索贿行为,请主动在该系统进行申报。申报信息我们将严格保密,对于已发生的行为,主动申报并整改,我们将从轻或免除处罚;如发现未主动申报,一经查实,中兴通讯将安排高层约谈,按照签署的《供应商阳光合作及反商业贿赂承诺书,采取警示函、限制合作、纳入黑名单等处罚措施。 














A Letter to Suppliers about Compliance with the Anti-Commercial Bribery Requirements of ZTE


Dear partners,

The Festival is coming, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for your cooperation and support, and wish you all a happy holiday!

As ZTE has been committed to building a fair and transparent environment for procurement, we hereby reiterate that you must not give any benefits to ZTE employees in any form, including but not limited to the following:

1) Any form of gifts;

2) Cash, loans, red envelopes filled with money, sales rebates, favor fees, service fees, technical cooperation fees or dividends, etc;

3) Gift cards, bank cards, gas cards, securities, membership cards, telephone cards, traveler's checks or other cash equivalents;

4) Services free of charge such as entertainment services (including playing ball games or poker games, having tea or going to KTVs), dinners and banquets, and services for car usage, accommodation, and traveling for private purposes, etc.

ZTE has established an anti-commercial bribery reporting system (the reporting path is: -> Complaints and Feedback -> Anti-Commercial Bribery Reporting System. If there is any bribe offered by suppliers to any ZTE employees or any bribe asked from suppliers by the latter, please report it in the system. The reporting information will be kept strictly confidential. For any bribery behavior that has occurred but is actively reported and rectified by suppliers, we will give a lighter or mitigated punishment or exempt the suppliers from punishment. If the bribery is not reported by the suppliers themselves, once verified, ZTE will meet with the senior management of the suppliers and take penalty measures such as issuing warming letters, limiting cooperation, and putting them on a blacklist.

In recent years, through the anti-commercial bribery reporting system ZTE has dealt with over 70 suppliers that violated anti-commercial bribery regulations. For serious violations, ZTE has canceled the cooperation with the corresponding suppliers and put them on a blacklist.   

Let us work together to maintain a fair and transparent environment for procurement. Once gain thank you for your continuous support of ZTE!



Best regards!

ZTE Corporation

February 2, 2021


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