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A Letter Regarding Requirements for ZTE Suppliers to Start Dual-Carbon Strategy Planning



Dear suppliers,



Global warming has accelerated the melting of glaciers and increased the global sea levels year by year, harming human health and well-being. Global warming also brings frequent natural disasters, ocean acidification, locust swarms, and plague, causing dramatic changes to the human living environment. Therefore, global warming has become a serious threat to the sustainable development of human society. 


全球气候变化形势愈发严峻,“碳达峰 碳中和”(简称“双碳”)已经成为世界各国的共同呼声,我们已然进入“双碳”时代。全球各主要国家和地区都已经 / 正在通过立法或政策宣示“碳中和”目标时间,并采取配套措施积极推动“碳中和”。

As the global climate change worsens increasingly, "Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality" (referred to as "dual carbon" for short) has become a common call of countries around the world. We are moving toward the "dual carbon" era. Major countries and regions around the world have set the time for reaching the "Carbon Neutrality" target through legislation or policy making, and are taking supporting measures to actively promote "Carbon Neutrality". 



As key bodies in achieving "Carbon Neutrality", enterprises must pursue green, low-carbon, and sustainable development, and actively implement green and low-carbon transformation. Toward the "dual-carbon" era, enterprises should firmly establish the concept of green and low-carbon development, actively assume social responsibilities in accordance with the requirements of ecological environment governance, and work with their industry partners to conduct business in harmony with the regional environment. 



ZTE will take the lead in responding to the dual-carbon strategy by incorporating the green and low-carbon sustainable development requirements into the entire supplier management process, such as certification, audit, performance assessment, and bidding and procurement. The company will work with its suppliers to reduce carbon emissions, improve the competitiveness of low-carbon sustainable development of supply chains, and jointly build a green development ecosystem involving upstream and downstream supply chains. 



To this end, ZTE's suppliers are requested to complete the dual-carbon strategy planning before Q4 2022, with at least the following milestones specified.



1) Establish a dual-carbon strategy and a dual-carbon (or energy conservation and emission reduction) strategy committee (or similar organizations engaging the top management), make top-level design, and allocate sufficient resources. [to be completed before Q1 2023]



2) Establish an organizational structure for dual-carbon work, define positions and relevant responsibilities. [to be completed before Q1 2023]



3) Establish processes, regulations, and necessary IT support systems for greenhouse gas verification (organization-level carbon emissions and product-level carbon footprint). [to be completed before Q4 2023]



4) Carry out greenhouse gas verification in accordance with the processes and regulations (organization-level carbon emissions and product-level carbon footprint). [to be completed before Q4 2023]



5) Specify carbon emission reduction goals and implementation measures, and take actions to reduce carbon emissions. [to be completed before Q4 2023]



6) Publicly disclose carbon emission data (through CDP or other means).



7) Pass the certification of ISO14064-1 and ISO 14067, or other internationally-recognized certification of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.


8)制定符合行业惯例或满足国际标准 且 公开披露的碳减排目标(如,科学碳目标SBTi,或者其他国际认可的碳减排目标等)。

8) Publicly disclose carbon reduction goals (goals set in accordance with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) or other internationally-recognized carbon reduction goals) that comply with industry rules or meet international standards. 



Please be informed of the above requirements and make sure these requirements are strictly implemented in your organization. If you have any inquiries, please send an email to ZTE's dual-carbon strategy email:


中兴通讯股份有限公司 采购部 2022年9月

Procurement Dept. of ZTE Corporation

September 2022

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