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CECO Newsletter to Business Partners – Q1 2024 首席出口管制合规官致业务合作伙伴的季度通讯稿 – 2024年第一季度

Dear Business Partner,


ZTE believes that export compliance is of critical importance to sustainable business development, for us and for you as well. This newsletter describes the major efforts we have made in the first quarter of 2024 to ensure export control compliance. We believe these efforts will help manage export control compliance risks and promote the sound development of our business relationship.


First, we have been promoting the deployment and implementation of the self-developed Export Compliance Screening System (ECSS). In 2023, the system was successfully interconnected with the main business processes of ZTE Corporation and Kangxun. In the first quarter of this year, the system was applied to more business processes that were under manual control before, covering R&D, engineering service, supply chain, mobile device, HR, and finance and accounting. In addition, the company continued to promote the application of the system in more subsidiaries. With those measures, we improved the efficiency of export controls and effectively controlled compliance risks, further enhancing the digitalization of compliance management.


Currently, with the issuance of China's Measures for the Compliance Management of Central Enterprises and the growing emphasis on compliance system building, more Chinese enterprises have established professional export compliance teams, and shown a strong demand for automated compliance management systems. With comprehensive functions, high adaptability, flexible configuration, and high data security, the ECSS has been drawing interests from partners in a wide range of industries, including auto, communications, semiconductor, manufacturing, household appliance, healthcare, and logistics. Together, we have been exploring opportunities for jointly building an efficient, win-win, and sustainable compliance ecosystem.


Also, the company has been improving the mechanism for working with the Special Compliance Coordinator (SCC), and promoting direct exchanges with BIS and the SCC. We together discussed the mechanism and topics of common concern, to facilitate continuous optimization of follow-up supervision.


ZTE has always been committed to openness and transparency in compliance-related exchanges with business partners. This quarter, we communicated with key customers from Europe and the Americas, and shared our experience in responding to changes in the complex geopolitical environment. By jointly discussing how to guarantee compliant operations for sustainable growth, we expect to boost partners' confidence in our compliance management and enhance their trust in partnerships with the company.


Finally, in the first quarter, we restructured export control-related contents on the company's official website, making it easier for customers and partners to know about ZTE's practices in export control compliance. On the website, you may get access to our export control compliance policy updated every year and the CECO newsletters released to partners every quarter. If you'd like to learn more, please visit our website at:


最后,我们在一季度完成了公司官网中出口管制相关内容展示方式的重构,方便客户和合作伙伴更容易地获取中兴通讯出口管制合规相关信息。这些信息包括了中兴通讯每年更新的出口管制合规政策、每季度发布的CECO致合作伙伴的信函等内容。如您有兴趣,可通过以下路径进行访问:公司官网( 关于我们 -信任中心- 合法合规 - 出口管制合规。



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